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DRILLS /MILL DRILLS.                                                                        31008A 31008B  31009A           31009B  31009C  31009E  31009F                                                  31009G  31009H  31009K 31009J 31009L    31009M  31009N.







       31010A  31010B    31010D    31010E 31010F                                                                         31010G   31010H  31010J  31010K.






 LATHES                                                    31011A  31011B  31011C 31011E  31011F  31011G  31011H 31011J  31011K 31011L  31011M  31011N  31011O  31011P  31011Q  31011   31011S 31011T                                      31011U  31011V  31011W

31011X  31011Z  31011YA  31011ZA  31011ZB  31011ZC.








SAWS,DOUBLE COLUMN BAND SAWS,FULLY AUTOMATIC SAWS,HYDRAULIC BANDSAWS .                                               31013B 31016D  31016E   31016F  31016G  31016H  31016J  31016K 31016L                              31016M  31016N  31016O  31016P     31016Q   31016R 31016S 31016T  31016U                                31016V  31016X   31016Y   31016Z   31016ZA 31016W        






PUNCH AND SHEARS-HYDRAULIC.                                                      31018B    31018A  31017B  31017C 31017D  31017E. 






GUILLOTINES,ELECTRO,HAND SHEARS,HYDRAULIC/          SWING BEAM/HYDRAULIC VARIABLE RAKE/MANUAL TREADLE/PNEUMATIC.                                                                                31019A  31019B 31019AA 31019C  31019D  31019E    31019G  31019H  31019J  31019K  31019L  31019M  31019N  31019O   31019P                                  31010Q   31019R 31019S.  31019T31021FA 31021FB






FOLDERS / FULL HYDRAULIC STANDARD PANBRAKE,FULL HYDRAULIC / NCI PANBRAKE,FULL HYDRAULIC. NC2 PAN BRAKE,FULL HYDRAULIC. CNC PANBRAKE. MAGNABEND.                                                                                                                                                31020A  31020B  31020C  31020D  31020E  31020F     31020G   31020H   31020J  31020K 31020L  31020M  31020N 31020O  31020P  31020Q  31020R  31020S  31020T  31020U  31020V  31020W  31020X                                           31020Y 31021A  31021B  31021C 31021D  31021E  31021F 





PRESS BRAKES,HYDRAULICS NCS SERIES,NC2 SERIES, CNC CONTROLLERS.                                                                                         31021H  31021J  31021K  31021L  31021M  31021N  31021O   31021P 31021Q                         31021R  31021S  31021T  31021U  31021V  31021W 31021X  31021Y  31021Z  31021ZA  31021ZB  31021ZC  31021ZD  31021ZE  31021ZF  31021ZG 
PRESS BRAKE TOOLING. 31022A  31022B 31022C  31022D  31022E  31022ZF  31022G  31022H  31022J  31022K  31022L  31022M  31022N  31022O  31022P  31022Q  31022R  31022S  31022T  31022U  31022ZB 31022ZC 31022ZD 31022ZE  31022ZF  31022ZG  31022V  31022W  31022X  31022Y  31022Z  31022ZH  31022ZJ  31022ZK  31022ZL 31022ZM  31022ZN  31022ZO  31022ZP  31022ZQ  31022ZR  31022ZS  31022ZT  31022ZU  31022ZV  31022ZW  31022ZX  31022ZY  31022ZZ  31023A  31023B  31023C  31023D 31023E  31023F  31023G  31023H  31023J  31023K  31023L  31023M  31023N  31023O  31023P  31023Q  31021X  31021Y  31021Z31021ZA  31021ZB  31021ZC  31021ZD  31021ZE  31021ZF  31021ZG  31022ZZU.






SHEETMETAL PREMIUM PLASMA DRAGON 11, PLASMA LEGEND 11 ,           PLASMA B52, PLASMA LEGEND 111, WATER JET CUTTERS.                                                                                                  31037S 31037T 31037U 31037V  31037W  31037Y  31037Z 






BENDERS MANUAL BAR,TUBE AND PIPE,TUBE AND PIPE MANDREL,BAILEIGH BENDERS.                                                             31037A  31037B  31037C  31037D  31037E   31037FH  31037FJ  31037H  31037J   31037K  31037L  31037M  31037N  31037O  31037P   31036X  31036Y  31036Z. 31040 31041






ROLLS,ELECTRIC SLIP CURVING ROLLS,MANUAL SLIP CURVING ROLLS,SECTION ROLLS.                                                                                  31024A  31024B  31024C  31024D 31024K  31024L  31024M  31024N  31024O  31024P                         31024Q  31024R  31024X  31024Y 31024Z 31024ZA 31024ZB  31024ZC  31024ZD.







 31027A  31027E






 PRESSES,ARBOR PRESSES,DEEP THROAT PRESSES,WORKSHOP PRESSES,GARAGE PRESSES,WORKSHOP HYDRAULIC PRESSES.                       31029A  31029B 31029C  31030A  31030B  31031A  31031B  31032A  31032B                              31032C   31032D  31032E  31032F  31033A  31033B  31033C  31033D 31033E                                      31034A  31034B    31034C  31034D   31036A  31036B  31036C  31036D.






31038  31039






LOCKSEAMERS.                                                                                           31025A  31025B  31025C.






SWAGE AND JENNY,MANUAL SWAGE AND JENNY.                 31026A  31026B.

                                  NEW MACHINERY TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE

Annexure 'A' - Terms Of Invoices To Purchasers

  1. All payments are to be made to Hoffman Conveyancing Services No.3 Trust Account a South Australian audited Trust Account The Hoffman Account.
  2. Goods invoiced remain wholly the property of the Vendor until deposit and full invoice amount cheque(s) are cleared ino the Hoffman Conveyancing Services No.3 Trust Accounts The Hoffman Account.
  3. Deposit or option paid is an agreement to hold goods for purchase to a stated time between the vendor and purchaser.
  4. The Vendor/Legal owner is responsible for disconnection of machinery, plant and equipment from all power and plumbing (including liquid/gas/airlines).
  5. The replacement of building structure where applicable will be included on the invoice document.
  6. Machinery, plant, equipment and stock removal/transport costs and total insurance are all the Purchasers expense. The Purchaser agrees to take all responsibility to collect purchases from the Vendor once payment has been cleared into the Hoffman Conveyancing Services No.3 Trust account. The Hoffman Account. The Purchaser agrees it is not the Vendor's agents'/brokers' responsibility to collect any items on the Purchaser's behalf. The Purchaser will provide to the Vendor a Public Liability Insurance Certificate of currency to protect all interested parties to the limit of indemnity of twenty million dollars relating to Vendor's items sold off the Vendor's land to the Purchaser where items are to be all or partly dismantled prior to removal. Public Liability insurance for injury to persons or damage to property caused by an occurrence in connection with the Purchaser and his insured business is to an amount not exceeding the indemnity covered by the Purchaser's public liability policy. The Purchaser agrees where purchases have not been totally removed within 125 days or less a rental of $20 will apply until the 160th day. On the 161st day unless an agreement to extend the time limit (in writing) and dated prior to the 161st day after the invoice date between the Purchaser and Vendor is produced to the agent then on the 161st day after the invoice purchase date a rental charge equal to the total value of any remaining items purchased still on the site will apply thereby extinguishing the Purchaser's entitlement to collect the item(s) thereafter.
  7. Insurance of machinery, plant, equipment and stock shall be maintained by Vendor/Legal owner until payment of full amount is cleared into trust account, i.e. payment is able to be drawn against in full. All insurance after completion of payment is the responsibility of purchaser except where both vendor and purchaser provide new written agreements in advance to the agent.
  8. The Purchaser indemnifies and holds Hoffman Conveyancing Services harmless from any action claims or demands of or concerning Hoffman Conveyancing Services having acted in accordance with the authorisation hereinbefore set out.
  9. The Purchaser indemnifies the Agent/Broker against any claim suit or demand arising out of any defect or failure of the asset(s) sold however arising.
  10. The machinery offered for sale is second-hand and does not include any sellers, vendors, manufacturers, resellers or agents warranty.
  11. A limited waranty is available through Insurance Brokers (terms and conditions are presented in a separate document).
  12. Maintenance, installation and service are excluded from this contract.
  13. All measurements are approximate.
  14. Items are sold as inspected by Purchaser. All items supplied from the Vendor could be extremely hazardous and dangerous and are itemised in all regulatory check list questions to be so. It is a condition of sale that the Purchaser must employ a qualified expert accredited installation tradesperson to thoroughly check for safety protection of users and surroundings and that it is the Purchaser's entire liability, duty and responsibility to apply all government regulations including health and safety laws along with industry standards prior to start up or use of the purchased item.
  15. Condition for sale of electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, purification, measuring systems and of heal, chemical, liquid, electronic and gas transmission equipment, hazardous chemicals, contaminant, waste, asbestos, radio active materials, energy, organisms, bacteria, extinguishers, acids, explosives, electroplating materials, gases, liquids, batteries, foams, plastics, rubbers, minerals, elements, solvents, coolants, lubricants, fuels, distillates, paints, vegetation compounds, literature, foods and beverages is that the purchaser agrees to comply with all government regulations and industry standards and will insure, identify, use, test, handle, transport and dispose of these items in regulatory containers with compliant warning notice attached.
  16. The Purchaser acknowledges and agress that the Purchaser has not relied upon any warranty or representation made or any conduct engaged in by the Vendor or any person on behalf of the Vendor in relation to the quality or fitness for use of the Goods or as to any financial return or income to be derived from the Goods, but has relied entirely upon the Purchaser's own inspection of the Goods.
  17. The Purchaser must promptly, after clearance of full payment, remove the Goods from the Vendor's property and transport them in a safe and proper manner and in accordance with all legal requirements, all entirely at the Purchaser's risk and expense. The Purchaser must comply with any reasonable directions given by the Vendor or its employees or agents. In removing the Assets, the Purchaser must not damage any of the Vendor's property. The Purchaser shall indemnify the Vendor against any damage, loss, liability, actions, claims costs or expenses which the Vendor may incur as a result of the failure of the Purchaser to fully comply with this clause.
  18. The Purchaser shall pay all stamp duty, and other duties and taxes which may be payable in respect of this agreement or sale or any documents in connection with them. The Purchaser indemnifies the Vendor against any loss or liability incurred or suffered by the Vendor as a result of the delay or failure by the Purchaser to pay any duties payable by the Purchaser pursuant to this clause.
  19. The Point of Sale. Payment is able to be drawn against in full once funds are cleared.
NOTE: on Major Industries sites before commencing a Purchaser will provide a written job safety analysis to the Company nominated Project Controller (with his assistance) and have it accepted prior to removal work commencing.
Thank You For Your Offer
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