Abattoirs Machinery Secondhand


Used Abattoir equipment,conveyors at our Machinery Showrooms.


For affordable abattoirs machinery secondhand, look no further than CORPORATE MACHINERY BROKERS  at www.machineryshowroom.net.

SEE PAGES 3 AND 7  In addition to abattoir equipment viz we also sell a variety of machinery ranging from stainless steel tanks and vats, maintenance engineering machine tools, bottling, labelling,packaging winery and food processing equipment.


 At www.machineryshowroom.net we have machinery for the food processing,winery, agricultural, industrial, engineering and mining equipment. We have one of the largest used machinery ranges in South Australia.

To view items at up to 50 locations see page 19.

Tq view specifications,illustrations and pricess see pages 1 to 18.




If you’re looking for abattoirs machinery secondhand, contact CORPORATE MACHINERY BROKERS on (08) 8431-0430 /0428832423 or send an online enquiry to marketing@machineryshowroom.net and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.